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The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer

Articles with tag : the staff of plutarch

11/24/2015 From Overblog

New extracts of Juillard 317 Drawings & The Evil Trap revealed, while The Staff of Plutarch comes out in English

During the past few days, Ryun Reuchamps (who seems to have taken over from Yves Schlirf as far of Blake and Mortimer...

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02/17/2015 From Overblog

Théo Van den Boogaard: his test page for continuing Blake & Mortimer, rejected by Dargaud

Théo van den Boogaard has revealed through his webpage the test page he has handed in to Dargaud this month in...

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12/07/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch: a successfuly achieved challenge

Last Friday saw the publication of the 23rd volume of the already classic series that narrates the adventures of...

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12/06/2014 From Overblog

André Juillard at Barbier & Mathon: the original artwork!

As I already said in this article, today an exhibition at the art gallery Barbier & Mathon has been opened, with...

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12/05/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch & Jacobs 329 Drawings, now available!

Today has arrived what Dargaud calls "the big day", the one in which the new Blake and Mortimer album, The Staff...

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12/03/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch: ex-libris signing by André Juillard at Brüsel

The Brüsel library, headquertered in the Belgian capital city and who has already witnessed several events related...

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12/03/2014 From Overblog

Pack Première Mission: the promotion of the new album continues

After revealing yesterday the official chronology of the series, Dargaud carries on with the promotion of the new...

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12/02/2014 From Overblog

Blake and Mortimer: the official chronology!

Just three days left for the publication in French of the new Blake and Mortimer album, The Staff of Plutarch (whose...

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12/01/2014 From Overblog

Edgar P. Jacobs & the Swordfish: an exhibition by Ziller and Juillard

La Maison Autrique, an art gallery and exhibition space located in Brussels, has anounced the exhibition Edgar...

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11/16/2014 From Overblog

André Juillard exhibits at the art gallery Barbier & Mathon

The art gallery Barbier & Mathon, headquartered in Paris, has announced this week an exhibition devoted to André...

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