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The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer

Articles with tag : newspapers & magazines

01/16/2015 From Overblog

The number 16 of the magazine by Les Amis de Jacobs, now available

The new installment of the magazine edited by the association Les Amis de Jacobs, devoted to spreading Edgar P....

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01/04/2015 From Overblog

Daniel Couvreur unveils the secrets of Jacobs 329 Dessins in Casemate

Casemate's Nº 77, focused in the new Western series by Xavier Dorison and Ralph Meyer known as Undertaker, features...

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10/12/2014 From Overblog

Le Soir offers an exclusive Blake and Mortimer collection!

The Belgian newspaper Le Soir, which currently prepublishes Le Bâton de Plutarque for one strip a day, offers since...

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08/30/2014 From Overblog

Les Amis de Jacobs: the magazine's 15th number, now available!

The association Les Amis de Jacobs, devoted to Edgar P. Jacob's work and life, has now published its magazine's...

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08/29/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch: two cover projects for L'Immanquable!

Yves Schlirf has published in his Twitter account two cover projects for the 45th number of the comic magazine...

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08/03/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch, prepublished by Le Télégramme!

Since last Thursday, the newspaper Le Télégramme prepublishes the next Blake and Mortimer album, The Staff of Plutarch,...

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07/24/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch: dossier & interviews in Casemate!

The magazine Casemate publishes in its new number a special extra summer dossier on the next Blake and Mortimer...

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07/12/2014 From Overblog

Rivière and Wurm are working on a graphic novel about Jacobs' life!

Historia magazine's extra number on Blake and Mortimer's Characters in History, which was published yesterday,...

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04/10/2014 From Overblog

The Staff of Plutarch: prepublication in Le Soir starting on Monday!

The official Facebook page devoted to Blake and Mortimer has just revealed a thrilling piece of news: The Staff...

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04/06/2014 From Overblog

Blake and Mortimer's Characters in History, coming in July!

On July the 11th, the French magazine company Historia will publish an extra number devoted to Blake and Mortimer....

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