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The Adventures of Blake and Mortimer

Théo Van den Boogaard will draw Blake and Mortimer!

As you already know, Flemish cartoonist Théo Van den Boogaard has been asked by Dargaud to draw a Blake and Mortimer album. The author himself tells through his webpage that... he has decided to accept the offer! According to his own words, Van den Boogaard made up his mind a few weeks ago, and it seems that conversations with the editors about the new album he will draw will start soon. But most of you will be asking yourselves: how does he draw the series' main characters, such as Blake, Mortimer and Olrik? Below you can check out an amazing drawing featuring professor Mortimer and doctor Millotch drawn by him, together with some characters of epic comic series as Lucky Luke, Tintin and Spirou. Apparently, Van den Boogaard masters all the characters. You can check this drawing out below:

Théo Van den Boogaard will draw Blake and Mortimer!

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